The interior design of Metropolis


A selection of pictures that shows the facinating interior design of the different floors in Metropolis


THe idea basis behind our interior design

From day one, we want to give our young residents something to talk about, and places to socialize with each other. Therefore, the common areas on our floors are decorated in cozy themes from some of the world's most beautiful and exciting cities. In the common areas there is room to sit down in different furniture and share a nice time.
The common areas also have their own "conversation board" where our residents can share recommendations about a good hotel or cafe in Paris, share a home-made drawing or a seflie from the dream vacation. We want to create relationships between our tenants quickly, and therefore give them some cards on their hands to make the first conversation as easy as possible.

We want to create the best home for our tenants, and therefore listen a lot to the needs of our tenants.