cooperation for education

"Studying City kolding is a collaboration between kolding's educational institutes, youth housing and kolding municipality."

Read here in brief about Studycity Kolding, and visit their website to learn much more ..

Benefits in study city Kolding

Kolding offers a whole range of educational opportunities.

10 minutes' walk from Metropolis are 3 of Kolding's higher education institutions. The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) is about 800 meters away, with its 25 educational opportunities. Kolding School of Design is located about 900 meters away, 8 edjucations are offered here. International Business Academy (IBA) is about 900 meters away, offering 11 edjucations. There are a total of 44 edjucations within a 1000 meter radius of Metropolis. In addition, IBC is about 700 meters away and HF & VUC about 600 meters.

At the other end of town lies UC SYD with the pedagogue education. In addition, Hansenberg's technical business school, and the city's high schools are also within easy walking and biking distance from Metropolis.

Kolding as a cluture city

In Kolding, it is difficult to go far between the cultural offerings and opportunities. From theater and film, to a wide range of sports clubs and training opportunities. A large and wide selection of concerts at the city's venues and bars. Exhibitions at both the Trapholt Museum and the city's public spaces, and several large well-attended public events such as Culture Night and Kolding Light Festival.

possibilities for young people

In the center of Kolding, the pedestrian zone is filled with exciting opportunities for a night out, at bars, discos, cafes and wine bar. There is something for everyone. The same goes for the amount of restaurants and fast food places.
If you are more intoshopping, there is plenty of opportunity for it during the daytime in Kolding pedestrian street, or in the Kolding shopping center at the northern end of town.
In addition, Studycity Kolding has compiled all the places you as a student can get a discount in Kolding city, in a long and impressive list which can be seen on their website.

A homepage for students

On the studycity Kolding's website, students can find lots of information about Youth Housing, higher education in Kolding, the city's cultural life and the opportunities to obtain discounts as students.